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Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or across the country, Movers Virginia Beach is the full-service moving and relocation solution you can always depend on for expert service. 

Our team of professionals has the experience and expertise required to move everything from a small studio apartment to a large, multi-level luxury estate. 

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Along with our cost-effective services and flexible scheduling, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your furniture and personal belongings will arrive at your new location safely and securely on the date scheduled.

It helps to have professional help when you are moving locally or moving to a new city across the country. We are there to resolve your relocation issues and will be happy to offer a free estimate today.


We are licensed by the U.S. department of transportation, to provide insured interstate movers & long distance movers and full moving service anywhere in the U.S.


Our professional packers and movers can provide a full packing for you to make your move as easy as it can be. You also have an apportunity to order all of the packing materials from us, delivery is absolutely free.


Our service include disassemble and reassemble the furniture with no extra charge. Our specialists have wide experience, professional skills and all the right tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

 DIY Moves vs. hiring Professional Movers

 No matter if your relocation means moving a small studio apartment to another part of the city you currently live in or moving a two-story, single-family home across the US, moving can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. 

There are a multitude of things and issues that need to be taken care of and that is why when you need an extra pair of hands to take over, why refuse and take all the trouble?

Factors such as planning, sticking to a moving schedule, purchasing packing materials (e.g. boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.), calling the utilities companies and more must be considered. 

Which is better?

However, the first question that typically arises after thinking about all these factors is “Should I attempt a DIY move or hire professional movers ?”  While there are pros and cons of each, the decision ultimately rests on your shoulders. 

It all comes down to your priorities.  If you need to save as much money as possible and can handle the physical strain, then a DIY move may be your best option.

Think about your priorities

 On the other hand, if you don’t want to break your back or aren’t physically able to do a lot of heavy lifting and have a large enough moving budget, you can’t put a price tag on the convenience of hiring Movers in Virginia Beach to assist with your relocation. 

So let’s take a minute to compare the advantages and disadvantages of a DIY move vs. hiring professional movers:

 Advantages of a DIY move

Pack your items any way you see fit

Your belongings don’t have to be packed perfectly.  Unlike professional movers who will expect everything to be packed, sealed, and ready to go when you get there, you won’t have to worry about this with a DIY move.  As long as you’ve packed everything in that truck on moving day, you’ll be good to go.

Get to have it your way

You won’t have to worry about complete strangers handling your furniture and belongings or doing a poor job of packing all your moving boxes. 
Ensuring that all of your belongings (and especially your valuables) make it to your new home safely and securely rests entirely on your shoulders.

Have complete control

The most significant advantage of a DIY move is the fact that you control the entire moving process from sitting down to plan things out up until you’re completely settled in at your new location. 
You have flexibility when scheduling your move along with loading and unloading the moving truck.  Plus, you won’t have to worry about your items being put in the wrong room.

Save money

If you’re moving on a tight budget, hiring quality movers might be a stretch.  A DIY move might be your best option in this case.

 Disadvantages of a DIY move

DIY moves often require a lot of planning

The general rule of thumb with a DIY move is the greater the moving distance, the more planning that’s involved.  Although hiring movers also requires a considerable amount of planning, trying to coordinate a DIY move yourself is going to require even more. 
You have to determine the logistics involved, plan out the most efficient way to load and unload the rental truck, and so on. That requires a lot of planning and wastes a lot of your time which you can always devote to your family or work. Thus, it helps to have professionals assisting with various aspects of your move.

Unexpected problems may arise

If something unexpected happens, you might be out of luck if you don’t have the help of professional movers and their equipment.  Instead of being able to relax on the couch in your new home, you may be spending hours trying to solve a specific problem.

You have to do all of the heavy lifting

The worst thing about a DIY move is that you have to do everything with the help of inexperienced family members and friends.  They get tired quickly and are unable to do everything in a day.
From getting the packing supplies to lifting all those heavy boxes and bulky furnishings can take its toll on a person quickly.  Furthermore, you could damage door moldings, floors, and walls when handling large pieces of furniture.

Hire a Professional Mover For Your Next Move

 Advantages of hiring professional Movers

 WE alleviate your stress

Hiring our team of movers will save you a lot of the hassles and stresses throughout the relocation process from the time you start planning your move until you’re settled into your new home. 
In addition to saving you a significant amount of time, you won’t have to worry about driving a large moving truck down the highway.  If the idea of having to load and drive a 26’ moving truck is causing you stress, then we recommend you hire the Movers in Virginia Beach relocation team.

 WE are more efficient at moving

Unlike family members and friends that you’ve asked to help with your DIY move, you can expect professional movers to be reliable and not flake out on you on moving day.  That means everything is organized, on time and you move as needed.
You can depend on us to arrive on time and be ready to get started the minute we show up at your home.  Overall, our level of operational efficiency will save you a lot of time in the long run.

WE take the responsibility

When you have a multitude of things to do both on the personal and professional front, things get tedious and complex. That is especially when you are tired and trying to organize a move. That is where we step in.
We understand your situation and will ensure that you don't have to worry about any aspect of the move as right from packing supplies to unpacking at the new destination, we will take care of it all. Our team is experienced, proactive and ensures that everything is done as scheduled.

 WE do all the heavy lifting

When you hire our moving and relocation specialists, you can leave all the back-breaking work up to us.  Our Virginia Beach movers team has been properly trained in lifting heavy boxes and pieces of furniture without getting injured. 
Not only have they been trained in proper lifting and loading methods, they’ve also been trained in lifting and carrying heavy items through tight spaces as well as up and down stairs. 

Disadvantages of Hiring Professional Movers

 Hiring professional movers will cost more than a DIY move

At the outset, the cost to hire professional movers appears to be more costly than attempting a DIY move.  But when you take the convenience the professional movers provide into consideration, hiring our company as it provides the greatest value for the money spent.

 You don’t have as much control

Hiring professional movers limits the amount of control you have over your move.  From the date and time they arrive to start loading your furniture and household belongings up to the time the truck is loaded and they’re ready to head down the road, there’s not much for you to do except stay out of the way.

 What to expect from a Full-service Moving Company

 You may not realize this but all moving companies are not the same.  There are two types of moving companies to choose from – regular movers and full-service movers.  So how do they differ?

Regular movers only provide the basic services, namely loading your furniture and moving boxes, transporting your items from Point A to Point B, and unloading everything at your new location.  Although they may bring everything into your new home, the rest is up to you.

 Basically, if it has anything to do with the mental and physical aspects of your move, our Movers team in Virginia Beach will take care of it for you. We have experienced crew, equipment and tools to lift heavy items, pack and storage antiques, furniture and even pianos. It helps to know in advance all that you need to move so that we come with adequate packing supplies.

 Our Moving and Relocation Services 

When you hire the right moving company to get you from Point A to Point B, you’ll have a pleasant, stress-free moving experience.  At our company, we ensure that everything is done as per requirement and planned in advance.

Customized moving process

As relocation specialists, we can customize a moving plan that is tailored to your specific needs and take care of moving task that you require.  Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, we offer the following moving and relocation services: 

Local area moving

Even moving locally here in the area can be quite a challenge without the assistance of a skilled moving team.  We specialize in local area moves and come highly recommended by clients we’ve helped move in the past.  We understand that it’s difficult to entrust your furniture and belongings to total strangers.  But will our attention to detail, our commitment to providing a superior level of service, and our professionalism, we’ll exceed your expectations every step of the way. There are hundreds of things that you need to look at and

Long-distance moving

Preparing to move long-distance can be stressful and very time-consuming.  There is so much to take care of before moving day arrives and with most people’s hectic schedules, it can be difficult to complete all of those tasks on time.  That’s why it’s so important that you hire trusted professionals to assist in your long-distance relocation.  With over a decade of experience and expertise in the moving industry, we have become one of the most trusted and reliable moving companies on the East Coast.

Packing services

In addition to providing the highest quality moving services, affordable mover or local moving companies like ours offer commercial and residential full and partial packing services as well.  We’ll pack your household belongings or office items with extreme care so they travel safely and securely while in transit to your new location.  Packing items to ensure they arrive at their final destination intact and undamaged can be a complex, time-consuming process.  Our professional moving company is here to ensure that everything is packed efficiently and securely so you won’t have to worry about these items while we’re traveling to your new home or office.

Quick and Efficient Movers

Our affordable mover team understands that your business is your livelihood and you cannot afford any disruptions to your daily operations.  We’ll get your move done quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about any downtime.  In addition to these moving and relocation services, Movers in Virginia Beach VA also offers the following services when required: 

 Specialty packing and moving services

Our moving and relocation specialists have many combined years of experience packing and handle a wide range of high-dollar, valuable items including antiques, fine art, pianos, and other fragile items both large and small.  We have been skillfully trained at packing and protecting these kinds of items and can ensure that they will be delivered safely and undamaged to your new location.

Great customer service at all times

As your local movers in Virginia beach, we provide great customer service on short or long distance moves. Our experts will arrive to give a free in home estimate when you are looking for a quote on long distance moving. As per Newport news, there are many moving companies that would be vying for your business, but you need to see what your budget is, and services you need. Based on that you can look for a professional team of movers to do the needful.

 Storage services

Virginia Beach Movers has access to a network of full-storage and self-storage solutions throughout the US.  We understand that you may need to store your furniture and household items due to certain circumstances such as your new home not being ready until after you’ve moved to your new city.  No matter what you need to store in one of these moving company facilities, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that even the most delicate and valuable items will be safe in the storage unit and secure until you’re ready for them to be delivered to your new home or office to Virginia Beach. Whether you need same day moving services or have a couple of weeks, we'll work with you to make the move a breeze.

 Office moving

Compared to a residential move, relocating an office requires a great deal more effort and planning.  Furthermore, a commercial move involves transporting a lot of electronic equipment and office furniture.  In some cases, it may involve the handling of sensitive materials as well. 

More than moving services

 As one of the leading Virginia Beach Movers, we know that moving is more than just providing storage unit, packing supplies, packing services, loading a truck, transporting your items to your new location, and unloading everything.  It’s about moving families and individuals in the most cost-effective many possible. 

We became one of the top moving companies in the eastern US by ensuring efficiency and safety when it comes to helping people relocate their entire household or office to or from Virginia Beach.

 How much does it cost to hire Professional Movers?

 No matter how big or small the size of the move to or from Virginia Beach you’re about to embark on, there is a considerable amount of decision-making and planning involved.  as your professional local movers, we know that if a move isn’t planned out properly, it can be extremely stressful and have disastrous consequences. 

Budget and cost of the move

One of the most important aspects of the relocation process is the cost involved when moving your home or office to another city.  Whether it’s a DIY move or you hire a moving company like Movers Virginia Beach, moving is expensive. 

That’s why having a rough estimate of the costs involved in your move will enable you to budget properly so there’s no unexpected, unpleasant surprises along the way.  It’s important to remember that no two moves in or from Virginia Beach are every alike and there are several factors that can influence the cost involved.  These include:

 Difficulty level involved

There are a number of issues that can contribute to the difficulty involved.  The access to pick-up and delivery locations, homes located on narrow streets, narrow doorways and hallways, and staircases are all factors that can impede the moving process and increase the costs involved.

 Moving distance

One of the key factors that can influence the cost of your move is the distance.  Obviously, a local area move will be considerably cheaper than moving long-distance.  The greater the distance from the starting point to the destination, the greater the cost involved.

 Moving services required

There are many companies but Virginia Beach moving company isn't the same as others.  Some only provide the basic moving services (loading, transporting, and unloading) while others are what are referred to as full-service moving companies like Movers Virginia Beach.   The final moving cost is determined by the number of moving services that the client requires.  Services such as disassembling and re-assembling furniture, packing and unpacking, insurance, storage, and vehicle transport all contribute to the cost of a move. Thus, it can help to budget your move.

Size of the move

Another one of the key influencing factors is the amount of items, or more specifically the quantity and weight of your household belongings that are moving with you.  The higher the number of items to be moved, the more manpower that’s required to handle everything.  This is why it’s so important for homeowners to de-clutter prior to moving then the question of where should we store or how to move all our belongings doesn't arise.

 Time of year

It may surprise you to know that there is an off-season and a peak season where moving is concerned.  A Virginia Beach moving company rates are typically based on how busy the company is during certain times of the year.  For instance, the peak moving season is from mid-may until Labor Day weekend. 
Thus, if you require unpacking services, let us know beforehand. We have experienced movers and proper equipment to ensure a safe move in Virginia Beach.
If you schedule your long distance moves, during those months, it will most likely cost you more than moving at other times during the year.  So keep that in mind if you’re trying to save money even when hiring Virginia Beach Movers.
You may need to look at warehouse storage if you cannot take everything with you or want to move back soon.
Whether it is a short notice local moving or need long distance movers, for household goods, we offer professionally trained moving team for performing relocations in Virginia Beach. Call in to get free estimates today!

 Impact of various factors

All of these factors can have a significant impact on the cost of your Virginia Beach move.  Our moving company has a professionally trained team that can help you by explaining some of the ways you can save on your moving costs.  So keep these factors in mind, when trying to get a rough idea of how much your local moves will cost. 

That’s why having a rough estimate of the costs involved in your move will enable you to budget properly so there’s no unexpected, unpleasant surprises along the way.  It’s important to remember that no two moves in or from Virginia Beach are every alike and there are several factors that can influence the cost involved.  These include:

Trustworthy Movers

Additionally, we have no hidden fees and are some of the rare companies that offers a moving estimate for all professional moving services. Within the moving industry being listed as the best movers Virginia Beach VA came after years of hard work and offering excellent service for long distance and local moves. We are BBB accredited company and have years of experience in the moving industry. All our staff is licensed, insured and bonded that ensure that you get the best experience.

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Moving helper open 7 days a week and works on weekends and hollidays.


All of our moving trucks prepared to move only the furniture and personal belongings. We do not use our trucks to transport construction stuff, etc.


At our company work only professional movers, U.S. citizens, with good background check and have at least 3 years of experience.


Our moving company provides any moving service you need: local move - in the sity or between stairs or long distance - long trip or out of state.


All you need is to call this number at 877-583-7911 for more information on moving costs.


Hourly rate or flat rate negotiated before, will not change during the move.

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